Assistant Professor // Carnegie Mellon University // School of Architecture

MFI 2017

Tooling  Finish Surface Topologies of High Performance Building Components: Robotic Post-Processing of 3D Printed Concrete and Thermal Behaviour in Design.

This project explores the intersection of the design and construction of high-performance building components  that use complex geometry for actuating  specific thermal behaviours. Using computation we combine simulation feedback, advanced modeling, and emerging robotic manufacturing techniques to create a seamless flow between design, evaluating thermal performance, and manufacturing. The project presents a novel approach to the production of concrete facade panels with complex surface geometries, combining additive manufacturing with tooled post-processing to achieve thermally performative surface definition. The robotic workflow developed for this project includes automated delivery of material for selective deposition of panel geometry, and tooled shaping of rough and finish layers for high-fidelity physical production of computationally generated forms.